Question: What size sleeve would I need for multiple AWG wires combined?
Answer: click here

Question: Which connector do I use with my Belden cable?
Answer: click here

Question: How do you properly install and remove WBT RCA type plugs from your equipment?
Answer: Click here for an instruction sheet.

Question: Does WBT have an XLR connector?
Answer: WBT does not currently make an XLR connector.

Question: Will a WBT binding post fit a ¾" cabinet wall thickness?
Answer: The maximum thread length on WBT binding posts* is 10mm. You can purchase an extension piece that will enable mounting into a wall thickness of 1 ¾".

* Nextgen series not supported with extension.

Question: Does WBT make a spade to banana adapter?
Answer: WBT does not make a spade to banana adapter.

Question: Do you have a spade to fit my amplifier/speaker?
Answer: That depends on the posts on your amplifier. WBT manufactures ¼" and 5/16" spades. If this size spade fits your amplifier, we have them available in both silver and copper versions for purchase.

Question: Do all WBT products use the same size set screws?
Answer: WBT connectors use Torx size 6 screw heads. Some of the connectors require different lengths however. We have Torx size 6 tools available for purchase.

Question: What is the extra pin for on the WBT-0645? Will it get in the way of my posts?
Answer: The extra pin is for CE compliance in Europe. If needed, it can be removed easily.

Question: I have a 10 AWG wire; will your connectors fit my cable?
Answer: Yes, our connectors can accommodate up to 8 AWG.

Question: What is the recommended torque for the binding post nut?
Answer: The torque needed to properly seat the insulation in order to get a gas tight fitting is 8.5 Nm.

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